Monday, January 10, 2011

Teflon Coated Paint Brushes?

You wouldn’t think, after all the centuries that people have painted their buildings, that someone could make a real change to something as simple as a paint brush. It would seem that the designs we have today would serve for any need. Oh yeah, there’s the paint sprayer, which I suppose could be considered a newer form of paint brush. I guess we could call that an innovation over the paint brush, but it’s an innovation that has existed for a long time.

Styles, materials and construction have been standardized for what seems like a long time. I guess if someone invented a new material that works better, which would be an innovation, but nothing like that has happened since the invention of the nylon paintbrush. At least, nothing like that has happened until now.

Shur-Line has actually broken through this idea that the paint brush can’t be changed. They didn’t design an electronic paint brush, or one that paints by itself. Nor did they come up with a self-cleaning brush, but they’ve come up with the next best thing; something that I had thought wasn’t even possible.

This new innovation is a Teflon™ coated paintbrush. Believe it or not, they have come up with a way of Teflon coating each and every bristle of the brush; along with applying a Teflon™ coating to the handle. Well, we’re all familiar with what Teflon™ coating has done to make frying pans easier to clean, so it would seem that the same treatment would make cleaning paint off of our brushes and roller covers would make them easier to clean; and it does.

Not only does this Teflon™ coating make cleaning our paint tools easier, but Shur-Line claims that it makes the process of painting easier, saving as much as 30% of the painter’s time. As a former Manufacturing Engineer, I am always interested in innovations which make any job easier, especially innovations that save time.

If these Teflon™ coated brushes actually save 30% of the painter’s time, as Shur-Line claims, this is the greatest innovation in paint brushes since the handle. I am looking forward to the opportunity to try one of these innovative brushes out for myself.

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